Nails & Weaves by Michelle Smith

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Gel polish (plain colour) – £20.00

Gel polish (plain French) – £22.00

Gel polish (glitter, holo, chrome, mermaid or chameleon) – £25.00

Gel Polish toes – £20.00

Gel polish toes and fingers  – £30.00

Gel polish Removal with service – £5.00

Gel polish / powder polish removal – £10.00

Cuccio colour powder polish – £25.00

Cuccio  colour powder polish with extensions -£35.00

Gel extensions – £30.00

Gel extensions with colour or glitter – £35.00

Gel overlays – £25.00

Gel overlays with colour – £30.00

Gel extensions removal – £15.00

Acrylic extensions natural/French – £30.00

Acrylic extensions sculpted/tips with gel polish, art or glitter – £35.00

Acrylic infills – £25.00

Acrylic removal – £15.00



So you are interested in weaves? Firstly let me tell you a little about the process & maintenance. I offer the LA/micro method. They are wefts of human hair added to your hair to add colour, length and/or volume. Using micro rings the weft is stitched onto tracks (usually 3) which supports the weight of the hair and hold it secure.

*No glue

*No heat

*No cornrows

The extensions come in different lengths, weights, colours and thickness. The price is reflective on which grade, quality & thickness of hair both you & myself agree to being suitable for you.

*1 hour application

*15 min removal

Hair can last up to a year providing good aftercare and maintenance appointments have been kept. Maintenance appointments should be at 6/8 weeks.

You may supply your own hair and have it fitted. Please note I will only work with good quality human hair extensions.

18/20” double drawn 120 grams- (commonly £230.00)

6/8 week maintenance – £25.00/£35.00

Fitting charge (own hair supplied) – £70.00